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Managed Services

What is a Managed Service?

Managed services let you offload the burden of specific information technology operations to a service provider, known in tech parlance as a Managed Services Provider (MSP). The MSP assumes ongoing responsibility for daily housekeeping, managing and/or problem solving for IT systems and functions within scope on your behalf. MSPs can offer services such as alerts, security advisory, patch management, data backup and recovery for different technology assets: notebooks, workstations, servers, storage systems, networks and software applications. Offloading routine infrastructure management to an experienced managed service technical experts lets you concentrate on running your business or other core IT functionality, with fewer interruptions due to IT issues from non-core underlying systems. Managed services are usually priced on a subscription or consumption basis. Depending on consumed services and number of devices, different packages priced at different levels. Some MSPs also offer onsite fulfilment when required. At the upper end of the spectrum, an MSP offer fully managed services that cover everything from alerts through problem resolution.

Why the hype of Managed Services?

Corporates are turning increasingly to services provided by Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to manage elements of their technology and service needs as part of a collaborative arrangement with the internal Information Technology department, according to new market researches.

Technology Managed Services are becoming more recognizable for large and medium modern companies; and they are turning to that option for management of certain technology functionalities, particularly business applications, storage, backup and recovery and data networking. Surveys shows while one-time projects accounts for some of consumed services, a significant portion is for the ongoing management of one or more functionality by an MSP.

Flexible Service

Managed services offer extremely flexible; and cost-predicable business model that allows for quick growth when necessary, or cost reductions when you need to slash out unneeded operational capacities.

Converged Service

Managed Technology Services can be provided over a single ``converged`` provider, resulting in optimized costing over infrastructure and application functionality. There are additional productivity and efficiency benefits, in the fact that remote staff working from home have access to several information technology assets that your HQ staff use.

Highly Resilient, Secure Infrastructure

KIT as a Managed Service Provider's center of excellence (GDC) is much more robust than a standard internal department. Our GDC is run under 24x7x365 management, with governance, business approval, and proper security procedures.


By selecting KIT as a managed service provider you gain access to staff with expert skills. Sometimes you will only need this skill once, so save the expense of training your staff for skills they will never use. And you will be backed by one of best 24x7x365 service desk, technical and operations.